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This site is dedicated to Oscar, a wonderful dog who was hit by a car when he was a puppy. The accident led to the amputation of one of his legs.

Don't worry!

He lived to the ripe old age of 18, leading a completely normal life of running, playing catch, swimming and all of the activities shared by his 4-legged counterparts.

His exuberance for life is proof-positive that having a handicap does not mean they can't enjoy long, happy lives, just as our sweet Oscar!

Unfortunately, some veterinarians still to this day cling to old opinions of recommending euthanasia when a pet has a serious injury resulting in a physical handicap and many owners simply choose the easiest way of ridding oneself of a problem.  Some pet owners consider their pet merely as an inanimate object to dispose of and replace with a new one, once the old one has "broken."  Not only do these pets overcome their physical obstacles but they can live happy, normal lives, as well.

You can read Oscar's story and see the photo gallery, where there are photos from Oscar's youth until old age. You can also read many other stories of wonderful "special" pets who live happily.

dog on cartsInformation concerning several kinds of aids available for disabled, elderly or convalescent pets can be found in the aids for disabled pets pages. 
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Do you have a "special" pet? If so, please send his/her story to info@oscardog.it along with some photos. I will be happy to publish it!

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